How To Download Mp3s Safely

There is a myriad of web sites purporting to offer free downloads of all the latest hits, but how safe are these sites really?

Not very, is the truthful answer. There is a reason for these sites being created, and that is to make money off the back of you. How many times for example have you heard someone say they have picked up a virus on thier computer and have subsequently had to pay to have it removed? How do you think the virus got on thier machine? Because they downloaded it thinking it was something else.

The problem with downloading music is that you have to download something – sounds obvious I know but that file called “Pharell Williams – Happy” may in fact be a virus in disguise.

First thing to do is to check the reputation of any music download site via a quick online search. If other people are reporting viruses then avoid at all costs.

Once you do find a site you think you can trust, make sure it doesn’t ask you to install media players/flash players under the pretext of making sure you can play the downloaded files, these media players are full of malware and will make your online life a misery once installed – you will end up with never-ending pop ups and ads.

Always check that the file you are downloading is a mp3 file, ie the file extension at the end of the song name. If it says .exe then it isn’t a song but a program, no doubt one that will cause you harm.

Truthfully, the best recommendation I have is to stay away from all these free download sites. If you don’t want to pay over a dollar per song, try a cheaper alternative, you can read a review of a decent one at mp3skull where songs start from only 10¢